Intended Mother: “We could not have made it through this process without your guidance, kindness and expertise. You went above and beyond for us so often. The care and passion you have for your work are so evident.  We are incredibly grateful to you taking us under your wing; not many lawyers would do what you have done for us!!”

Agency Representative: “I just wanted to say thank you and publicly acknowledge my colleague, attorney Amy Demma this morning. Her character, morals, and dedication to our industry is so in-line with who I am and where my heart is. I can always count on her to help, to listen, and to be as supportive as possible on days when I want to pull my hair out. Thank you Amy for always going the extra mile!”

Agency Owner: “I know Amy to be one of the most ethical reproductive attorneys in this most precious field we both are blessed to work in, I would most definitely appreciate an ongoing work relationship with her and want to say: “You Go Girl”, I am so proud of you.”

Egg Donor: “I want to thank you for explaining me the agreement in detail last evening, you are really amazing and helpful in the process.”

Egg Donor: “Thanks for being on my team.”

Non-profit Founder and Owner: “Amy is my go to for everything legal regarding egg donation and surrogacy.”

Intended Parent: “Amy Demma was terrific. She was our ED attorney, and she was responsive, patient, thorough, and a true advocate. I would highly recommend her to other IPs.”

Intended Fathers: “Being a gay couple meant that we had to work with an egg donor and a surrogate. To say that we were intimidated and overwhelmed would be stating it too simply, we really didn’t know if we could do it. Our surrogacy attorney referred us to Amy Demma for egg donation services, she immediately and through-out the process made us feel comfortable and confident.”

Egg Donor: “Thank you for working so hard for me.”

Embryo Donor Couple: “The decision to donate our left-over embryos was a tough one, Amy made the process simple and hung in there with us. She is knowledgeable and greatly competent.”

Agency Owner: “Amy is very professional and knowledgeable and knows how “to handle” the toughest clients. She is easy to talk to, very reliable, easily reachable, does all the work herself including speaking to clients directly.”

Intended Parents: “I am not sure if you remember me but my husband and I worked with you last year during our IVF Donor process.  We now have an amazing baby daughter, who is 5 1/2 months old.  In any case the reason I am writing is a dear friend of mine and her husband are starting the Gestational carrier and Donor IVF process and I was telling her what a great experience we had with you and thought maybe you can help her as well.  Let me know and I can put her in touch with you.”

Intended Parents: “We’re so excited to be home with our daughter. We will send you a birth announcement with a nice photo so you’ll have a good photo for your wall of miracles. I love that you have a wall of miracles! The work you do is so important, and your guidance and support of us were invaluable. Thank you for helping us in the way you did during such a tough time in our lives and we will be staying in touch!”

Intended Mother: “Thank you so much for sticking with me through this whole journey. I so appreciate it and will recommend you for sure. You have been wonderful.”